Scalpel Blade Holder (NO 4)

This surgical blade holder is characterized by a handle with a hollow head portion at an obtuse angle with the longitudinal axis of the remainder of the handle.

Intended Use:

  • Designed for use with surgical blades for tissue separation and other procedures that require a sharp surgical blade for puncturing or cutting

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  • This brand new surgical scalpel blade handle features a rounded design for better maneuverability and control.
  • Material: Made of aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Attachment Features: It includes a cross vise that tightens and grips the blade firmly, preventing the blade from flying off due to wear and tear or poor fit.
  • Blade Compatibility: Fits #10, 11, 11P, E11, 12, 13, 15, and 15A blades.
  • Handle Length: Approximately 12 cm.
  • Maximum Blade Width: The blade chamber can fit blades up to 6.75 mm wide.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Secure Attachment: Simply slide the blade in, tighten, and you have a secure and strongly attached blade ready for use.
  • Availability: In stock.

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